SmartBot: your Smartphone robot

SmartBot - the smartphone robot

SmartBot is a programmable smartphone robot for entertainment and education that uses your Smartphone (Android , iPhone ®, iPod ® or Windows Phone ®) or a programmable development board (Arduino ®, FEZ ®, Netduino ®, Gadgeteer ®) as its brain, sensors and interfaces. It lets you discover robotics for less than 20% of the cost of robotics products with equivalent capabilities*. It gives robot fans a complete mobile robotic platform, open and affordable, which lets them develop robotic applications, play games, enjoy interactive services and learn robotics.

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Thanks to SmartBot, you have access to a complete robotics platform featuring movement, vision, sound, a touchscreen interface, communication and much more. Discover the 2 ways you can use this programmable phone toy now:


SmartBot Controller

SmartBot WRemote

KIPP for SmartBot

SmartBot NFC

SmartBot FaceTracker

Bot Bomb Challenge

SmartBot Curve

SmartBot Memory


A Multi-purpose Smartphone robot :

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The only Smartphone robot that works on the 3 main smartphone operating systems

SmartBot is compatible with Android, Windows Phone and iOS (iPhone, iPod touch). His primary function is as a development tool for programmers but he can also be used by non-programmers with the associated apps.

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Do you want to dive into robot programming?

Create your own robotics applications, customize your SmartBot or turn it into an Arduino robot or a .NetMF robot

“*”: indicative comparison of SmartBot + the user’s Smartphone (recent model) versus off-the-shelf products with comparable technical features or a robotics kit + sensors and actuators purchased at market price.

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SmartBot: the smartphone robot