Benefits To Using A Secure Wireless Network


Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Online Back Up

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Simple Guide for Selecting a Smart Phone

mobile phone

In the current world, technology has taken center stage in almost all our doings. With the internet on the side, life has become a simple machine that is being run. The internet has made life easy such that we have gotten to a point where we are even getting lazy to wash our hands. One of the great inventions of the century is the invention of mobile phones. Before the inception of smartphones, there were other types of telephones, but they were not as advanced as they are now.

Things have changed, and technology has grown, and that is why the smartphones are here with us. If you have not gotten your own smartphone, then you need to be up to date and get one. However, with the many smartphones on the market, you may find it daunting to choose a smartphone that will suit you. That is why in this article, we take time to explain some of the essential tips you can use to identify a good smartphone.

Consider the Phone Battery Life

smartphoneWhen you go shopping for a mobile phone, it is advisable that you take time to understand the battery life of the phone. Get a mobile phone with a battery that is going to last longer and serve you. Similarly, a long-lasting battery will give you value for your money. Seemingly, if you can consider the function of the phone before you check on the battery life. If you are using the phone in accessing the internet, then you require a long-lasting battery. However, if you will use the mobile phone in making calls and sending messages, then any phone will be ideal for you.

Check On the Phone Performance

phoneIf you want to get the best smartphone on the market, you need to take time and understand the performance of the mobile phone. The performance of a phone is based on two things that are the RAM and processor. Of the two, the processor is considered the most essential compared to the RAM.

Therefore, when you are looking for a good smartphone, check out for a phone with the latest processor. This is important because such a processor will have more power and speed hence making the phone more functional. On the other hand, you can check on the phone RAM. This will depend on what you will be using the phone for. If you want to be storing a lot of date in your phone, you will need a phone with a big RAM.…


Benefits To Using A Secure Wireless Network


A secure wireless network is a key to any networking solution enterprise. However, the question is, why is it crucial to have a secure wireless network? Why don’t you leave the network open and opt to secure the servers and workstations in case you want to prevent malicious activities? These are questions which in this article we try to help to ensure that you understand why you need to secure your wireless network rather than the servers and workstations. Below are the major benefits of securing your wireless network.

Controls Riders from Stealing Bandwidth

routerWhen you don’t secure your wireless internet, you will be exposing it to riders who are about waiting to use up your bandwidth. An unsecured wireless network will expose you to hackers and pirates. Just a single download of a movie or video by a pirate will cause severe effects on your internet. It will cause the degrade of the internet performance. To avoid such uncalled for incidences, it is advisable that you choose to secure your network.

Helps in Preventing Liability from Actions of Others

When the pirates are stealing movies, they look for unsecured networks to use in their pirates. Hackers looking to attack systems also search for the wireless networks which are open and use them to do all their dirty stiffs. This will help them evade being caught by the investigating authorities. In case the investigating authorities are searching for the criminals, they will be directed to your IP address, and you will be held responsible for cyber-crimes you are not aware of.

Helps in Protection of Network Resources

wireless networkApart from using your network to perform criminal activities, criminal activities may also target your network with consideration of the kind of organization you run. As much as your network organization may not contain information or data which may be valuable the hackers will never miss a reason for hacking your network. For this reason, you should always ensure your network remains secured so that you can secure your information and other sensitive data.

Promotes Network Monitoring Ability

When you are using a secured wireless network, you will be able to promote the ability to monitor your network at all times. As much as the security is simple, you can consider tracking the key and using the information to track the spot unauthorized and also the track usage. Advanced security solutions like TACAS or RADIUS provide for more fine tracking capacity and access controls.…

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